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  • Washington Hospital Center

    "Since MedStar Washington Hospital Center instituted ImageShare, it has consulted in more than 1,000 cases with approximately 200 facilities world wide."

    Cardiovascular Physician Vol 9 | No 2 |
  • Washington Hospital Center

    "ImageShare allows us to provide an instant opinion — it gives us a tremendous advantage for a referral and allows for better patient care."

    — Dr. Lowell Satler, MD Director of Coronary Interventions
  • Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence

    "ImageShare helps physicians make a decision instantly whether or not they have to transfer the patient, whether the patient can stay, or whether they can recommend some other type of treatment for the patient."

    — Mary Heisler, RN, BA Executive Director
  • Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence

    "Now we can instantly and securely gather feedback on images from colleagues, whether for patient care or quality-based peer review."

    — Dr. Bonnie Weiner, MD, MSEC, MBA, FSCAI, FACC Director of Interventional Cardiology Research
  • Imageshare meets customer needs

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    — Vigilant Medical the company that brings you ImageShare
No Setup Sending
Receive full DICOM imaging studies from anyone in the world without installing any software. ImageShare is entirely web-based, meaning all you need is a modern web-browser — such as IE, Chrome, or Safari. There's no software to install or hardware to purchase.

Access Anytime
Available 24 hours a day, ImageShare works on any Internet-connected device. Being web-based means you simply need an updated browser and Internet connection. Hospital workstations, personal laptops, and mobile devices can all access ImageShare.

Share with Colleagues
Collaborate with anyone. Share images with colleagues at your facility or create accounts to send images to outside providers. Patients see many providers and ImageShare lets you coordinate with any of them regardless of where they are in the world.

View Images Online
View DICOM images online using either our mobile-friendly viewer or FDA-approved browser-based viewer. Our full feature browser viewer includes measurement, window/level, tiling, and other tools. Cardiac caths, CTs, echos, and MRIs are all viewable online.
ImageShare connects high acuity providers with those that rely on their expertise. No setup uploading allows anyone to send images with no software to install or accounts to create. Our secure portals help providers from around the world communicate and deliver better patient care.
Receive a patient's images prior to their arrival at your hospital. 24-hour availability makes it easier for providers in your network to reach you and send you patients.
Quality Assurance
Easily conduct quality reviews by using ImageShare to collect cases and distribute them to reviewers. Then use ImageShare to view the case and complete reports.
Clinical Trials
Collect case images from research sites and distribute them to your proctors or core lab. Exams can be anonymized and organized under a single patient identifier.

Accessible Anywhere


Use ImageShare from any web-enabled device, including mobile devices. Home computers, hospital workstations, iPads, and smart phones can all access ImageShare anytime.

HIPAA Secure


ImageShare has undergone a HIPAA and security audit conducted by a third-party organization. Documentation for our audit can be found here and our security practices can be seen here .

Support & Service


ImageShare users needing help can call our support line, which is posted on every page of our application. All support calls connect to either an engineer or product specialist.

View in Browser


Cine playback, window/level, measurement, and other standard viewing tools are available in our online browser-based DICOM viewers.



Download full copies of your images to your computer. Studies can be downloaded in .zip format or as a virtual CD (.iso).



Upload images to ImageShare directly from your PACS. ImageShare PACS Endpoint software installs at your center and routes images from your systems to ImageShare.

File Type Neutral


ImageShare allows you to upload and receive files of any type, including DICOM, .avi, .jpeg, .doc Word documents, and .ppt PowerPoint files.

More Features


ImageShare has features beyond those listed here. If there is a feature or functionality you are curious about, please reach out to see whether we can accommodate you.

95% of support issues are resolved on call
Calling our support line immediately connects you to someone equipped to identify and solve your problem. Support is available to your local users, your network hospitals, and even your patients. Our proactive training and outreach is in the form of webinars or on-site training events, which also helps get in front of future issues.
  • Pay for each study uploaded to the site
  • Monthly or quarterly billing
  • Unlimited number users can access
  • Monthly or yearly storage
  • License fee based on number of users
  • Monthly or quarterly billing
  • No charge for administrative accounts
  • No account needed for uploaders
Flat Fee
  • Flat subscription fee
  • Annual, quarterly, or monthly billing
  • Keep costs contained and predictable
  • Unlimited uploads and accounts
About Us

At Vigilant Medical, our mission is to improve patient care, save physicians' time, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Our core values are

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Service

Our Story:

Armed with our core set of values, we began to speak with as many physicians, specialists, and surgeons as we could. After consulting with some of the leading specialists in neurology and interventional cardiology, we began developing our flagship product ImageShare.

From there our journey has revolved around working with customers and clinical leaders to develop applications that truly fit the specific needs of the organizations. This feedback has left us with a robust suite of add-ons and modifications that we can apply to quickly provide the right solutions to most image transfer problems. We'd love to hear your story, for we believe healthcare innovation is a constantly evolving process.


We would love you speak with you. Sign up to learn more about how you can use ImageShare to enhance your image transfer experience.